Aging in Agility

Hmm, aging. Such a short word, and one that invokes such terror in some. And it is timely (is that a pun?) that such a topic in the latest Dog Agility Bloggers event should show up just over two weeks before I turn thirty. There’s all these preconceptions about hitting the big three-oh that I’m reading about and wondering if… Read more →

a day at the beach

I have a much longer post that I’m working on right now, but in the meantime enjoy this lil’ video I put together to show Raafi’s first day swimming in the ocean with his pals. The fog was thick (but only at the beach, it was blisteringly hot everywhere else) which actually made it perfect for the dogs. Raafi was… Read more →

It’s Agility Blogger Action Day! This time we’re talking about “Ways to Improve Agility Organizations”

It’s that time again for Agility Blogger Action Day, where all us dog agility bloggers get together to have opinions about the same thing, like talkative synchronized swimmers (but with dogs), for your enjoyment. Full disclosure: I have been competing for less than a year. Before that I liked agility, but certainly wasn’t versed in it beyond “Dog goes over jumps and ramps and… Read more →

The Three Most Fundamental Principles Needed to Be a Good Trainer

I have talked about a similar subject before on this blog, though from a bit of a different view point. In this previous post I was speaking more from experience about the best teachers I’ve ever had. These were traits for someone teaching other humans, and in a lot of ways were really specific to my own preferences. But I… Read more →

Shameless, shameless plug.

Look at this picture. Is this not adorable? Is my dog not adorable? Would you like to personally help me feed him for the next year and maybe even get to see this adorable face in adverstising at your local pet store? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? Inhuman monsters, that’s who. And that’s not you. Petcurean is holding a… Read more →


I was going to do these separate but our latest trial makes me cranky. Not the first day. The first day Mu was brilliant  Awesome weaves, didn’t miss a contact all weekend, got his confidence back after the crappy footing from our last two trials, lot and lots to be happy about. Almost Q’d a jumpers run except for one cheap rail (likely due to my flapping arm) and Mu reminded me that he will do a contact over any other type of equipment whenever possible.

Second day he did one of his things that is my pet peeve. He will take something increadibly simple and straight forward that he’s done a million times and screw it up. All three classes on Sunday started with a straight tunnel to a jump, which for our first and last class he decided to go around and for our gamblers he knocked it down (and it was the 4 point obstacle). When he pulls crap like that it absolutely makes me loose my mind. I’m glad I went back and fixed it, but he’s not a dog you can reward sloppy, he will just go back and give more sloppy. But when I realized he was about to run out on the spread in the last line of our jumpers, I just checked out. Hope the trial organizers enjoy my donations.

So, yeah. My dog can do all the hard stuff but does a straight lead out like he’s drunk. This is the crap that makes me mental. I’ll get over it, and we’ll be doing more grids (not that we weren’t already). Guess I just need to set the jumps 20 feet apart like they are in starters. Ugh. Anyway, here’s the video.

Yes, I’m being overly dramatic, and give me a day or two and I’ll have thought of a training stragegy to work through it, but I reserve the right to wallow until then.

In the meantime I’m just going to rewatch this fun little video I made. Just got a GoPro and it is super fun. This is my first attempt at a gopro-y type film, so be kind ( I didn’t even bother to correct the lighting in a bunch clips). A bit of Mu doing agility, and more of Mu catching discs like a champ, and Raafi as he’s starting to learn how to catch a flyer. Just something fun:

First two trials of the season. Same venue, incredibly different results. So…business as usual, it would seem.

Ugh, this is the problem with competing. You can be prepared, you can be on your game, your dog can be on his, and you can still wind up sucking. I mean, I can handle having a bar or two down, or an off course. I’m trying to run my dog with speed, and with speed from the beginning, as… Read more →

And I died again.

Maybe I should just state for the record that I will likely be going on hiatus for every winter for the rest of my life from blogging. Not because I don’t have the time, but because I generally spend the winter concentrating all of my energy on how much I hate the cold, ice, snow, darkness, and the world in… Read more →

Introducing Raafael.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been a bit busy. Like, randomly got a puppy busy. Well, now, I saw randomly, but that’s not quite the case. I did want to adopt another puppy. In fact, I’d say I’ve had a serious case of puppy fever since before I got Mufaasa. Before I adopted him I’d decided I… Read more →

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