How to build a wing jump

EDIT: see the end of the post to see the recent update I did to these jumps   Wing jumps in agility are becoming a necessary piece of practice equipment. While it’s cheaper and easier to build a wingless jump, using jumps with wings (at least on occasion) is actually important. Aside from forcing more lateral distance on the part… Read more →

The (not quite beginners) guide to making an adjustable dogwalk

In my never-ending quest to develop the most badass running contacts possible, it has become apparent that I needed to suck it up and actually, you know, get a proper dogwalk. Since purchasing one was definitely outside my budget and getting regular access to someone else’s was proving a surprisingly difficult endeavour, I began to research making one. I had… Read more →

I audited a Jenny Damm seminar. TLDR: it was AMAZING.

A lot of people are talking about Jenny Damm right now after the World Championship. If you’re wondering what all the hubbub is about I’d suggest taking some time to listen to Bad Dog Agility’s podcast giving a great rundown on the event. The main thing people are talking about is how much Jenny Damm’s running dogwalk made a difference… Read more →

Spoiler alert: The stuff you do outside of the ring matters just as much (or more) than what happens in it.

It’s Dog Agility Blog Action Day and the topic is “Outside the Ring”. Unshockingly, it’s given me a reason to rant. I rant a lot. But, well, why the hell else have a blog, amirite? I have ended up annoyed at just about every agility event I’ve ever gone to. There’s usually a number of little things that have made… Read more →

Summer trialling update

So I left off my last post with a weird little proclamation about how I was going to look at running Mufaasa, and a hopeful note about how Raafi’s confidence in competition has come along. I’ve attended a few trials since then and the results have been mixed, but generally good. I’m really in a strange place with Mufaasa right now.… Read more →

Defining Success and Failure, and how they sometimes end up being the same thing

As usual the Dog Agility Blog Action Day topic has given me an opportunity to talk about something in a way I might not have planned. The subject this time is “Success”, a sometimes nebulous concept to try and define, especially in the moment after you stumble out of the ring. It just so happens that last weekend was the Nova… Read more →

Purely Positive? I don’t think that means what you think it means.

So, don’t get me wrong, I love Denis Fenzi. Even the random tips she gives out for free on her blog have had a big impact on my training and bring out the best in my dog (and upping the fun by about a million percent). But I read her latest blog post and it inspired a bit of rant,… Read more →

Do you love Mufaasa?

Of course you do. Look at that face. There is nothing that it could inspire but undying love and affection. Do you know how Mu would most prefer that show your appreciation for his adorablness? By providing him with free food. Yes, this is my beyond shameless plug to get my readers (all three of you) to head on over… Read more →

Leave the Ring Nerves out of the ring. Yes, it’s that easy, and that hard.

As a child I was very shy. Anyone who knows me now will likely find that surprising. These days I am fairly comfortable in my skin, liberal, and frankly quite shameless (much to my friends’ discomfort). But as a kid I was very quiet, and often happy to be left in my own little world. I didn’t have a lot… Read more →

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