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Super portable jump, converts into winged or wingless!

I know this thing doesn’t look like much, but I am perversely proud of it. I had some extra pipe hanging about and was having trouble getting out to my usual practice spot, which meant my only option was to go back to hauling my gear to a nearby park. And since I am all about efficiency, and I am… Read more →

End of the Year Review: I learned some lessons, and none of them were what I would have predicted

Last weekend marks the official end of the 2015 Agility Season for myself and pretty much everyone in the Maritimes. Even though we were 0/8 in the Q department after two days of competition, Raafi managed to finish off the year really well at our last trial, which might seem like a funny thing to say. We tried our hand… Read more →

Wisdom Panel DNA Test Review: Huh? Wait, what?

So there’s been a long standing joke about Raafi’s parentage. Basically, no one could come up with a definitive guess as to what his mix was beyond “German Shepherd and something, probably a kangaroo.” And while it doesn’t really make much of a difference (at three-and-a-half years old his personality is pretty well formed and he has no health issues… Read more →

The Best Agility Trial Gear (aka How to Pack for a Trial Like a Champ)

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to picking your trial gear, and what you need (and what would just be really nice to have) will likely change over time as you trial more, settle into your competition habits, add new dogs, etc. Even after trialling for a few years I still find myself tweaking stuff, replacing stuff, and… Read more →

#NationalDogDay and Winning Jump Design

So just in case your FB news feed has somehow not been filled with that hashtag accompanied by emphatically cute puppy photos…aw, who are we kidding? If you’re reading this you know exactly what day it is. Happy National Dog Day!!   In other news my DIY Wing Jump design just won in Clean Run‘s Construction Zone Contest! On top… Read more →

Course Maps! Pushes, threadles, and obstacle descrims, oh my!

So I’ve been dabbling with making my own course maps. Mostly because I have limited equipment and limited space, and trolling around online to find stuff that perfectly fits my criteria can take forever. So as I like this blog to be a resource for others I thought I’d share some of the maps I’ve come up with. When I… Read more →

New name, new design, and hopefully renewed focus

So for anyone whose been here before (all three of you) you might have noticed some big changes. When I first started this blog it was just me and Mufaasa, which made the title “Mufaasa and Me” seem like the best bet (also, alliteration is awesome). But since then Raafael has entered my life, I’m hoping in a year or… Read more →

Apparently Raafi sees dead people.

This pretty much the only explanation that makes sense. I took this photo last night. I’d just gone to bed, super excited as it was before midnight for once, but Raafi kept coming over and sitting by the bed right next to my face and glaring at me. Eventually he got in bed and we were pretty much spooning. It’s… Read more →

Blogger Action Day: Continuing Education (in all it’s myriad forms).

Education in agility has come a long way, even in the last few years. Handling methods are becoming more refined, training across the globe is becoming more consistent, and there are avenues for learning that will work for just about anyone. The main problem being, of course, figuring out which one is going to be a good fit. Now, like… Read more →

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